The Neutrino Donut is providing commercialization services for Ukrainian Startup, BioSens

In conjunction with CRDF, The Neutrino Donut as been working with a Ukrainian startup, BioSens.  BioSens is developing a POC solution for testing for toxic chemicals. More information on the company can be found from the CEO, Andrii Karpiuk and the website for the company,  As part of this process, we had meetings with NUTech at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.



Temple BioScience Park Webinar – Commercializing Biotechnology

Earle Hager, managing partner with The Neutrino Donut, was the speaker at the District’s Lunch and Learn held Tuesday. Hager discussed “Commercializing Biotechnology – Market Entry and Partnerships.”

The tenants liked the workshop because Hager provided specific contacts, said Rod Annable, Bioscience facility manager. He covered almost every aspect of taking an idea from inception to commercialization.


“He had good ideas on what you should do and what to avoid and warning signs from companies best avoided,” Annable said. “There was a lot of give and take.”


The individuals who are providing information for the Lunch and Learn event come from information Tami Annable, executive director of the district, gathers at conferences she attends.


“Every single business card we collect we will note whether they would be good for a seminar speaker, would make a good mentor,” she said.