New American Fortune 500 in 2019: Top American Companies and Their Immigrant Roots

Immigrant entrepreneurs have long been an important part of America’s economic success story. Some of the largest and most recognizable American companies were founded by immigrants or the children of immigrants, including household names such as Apple and Costco, as well as newcomers to the Fortune 500 list like Broadcom and Intuit. Even Levi’s was created by two immigrants, Levi Strauss from Germany and Jacob Davis from Latvia, who invented that now iconic staple of the American wardrobe—blue jeans.

Since our first New American Fortune 500 report in 2011, NAE found that more than two out of every five Fortune 500—the 500 largest corporation by revenue in the country—had at least one immigrant or child-of-immigrant founder. This pattern has continued over the years since. This year, we find that an even higher, share—almost 45 percent—of Fortune 500 companies,were founded by immigrants or their children.

The Neutrino Donut – Grant Reviews and Commercialization

The Neutrino Donut recently participated in an NIH grant review program. Our focus was on the commercialization process for Phase 2 applicants. A few pointers for our readers.

  1. Engage a product manager and market development expert in your grant process. You need the expertise of people who understand how to take a project into the marketplace.
  2. Understand the budget process of your clients. A $150K software project will be part of a long approval process. A $5K software project can be sold many times within an organization under the department discretionary fund.
  3. Understand the buying process of your clients. A single person often may not have full budget / technical / process authority to purchase an item.
  4. Labs – If you technology goes into a lab, where does it fit in the process? If you are attempting to do a single blood test, you need to justify why a full blood panel does not cover your interests.
  5. You need team members in the grant who will be part of the marketing / product development process.
  6. Letters of support should not be from your consultants.

The science team gets to vote on the grants. So does the commercialization team on the Phase 2 grants. The goal of the program is to create a business and make the technology sustaining. Spend the time up front to manage this process and demonstrate how the business will operate in the future.

The Neutrino Donut – Energy Technology – Grant Development Programs

The Neutrino Donut has been working with an energy startup. We have managed the SBIR process, Army grant programs, and all the administrative processes associated with grants.

The company is based on energy technologies and has drawn interest from government and corporate organizations.