Advancing on the J-Curve, Part Two

Innovation centers at companies need to be at the center of the evaluation of new technologies.  This requires them to notice technologies of immediate interest, which are ready for licensing, purchase, or other options.

The new technologies involve not only a review of technologies in the “too early” stage, but also the recognition of talent.  The latest research project / patent from an innovator may not always be the best next idea, but the company may seek to develop a relationship with the innovator to be early in line for future innovations.

In certain respect, a baseball metaphor will illustrate the solution.  The corporate innovation groups need a farm team.  These organizations need to identify promising technologies, guide them through the advancement of the technology through grants, business development, and other opportunities, and then be available when the technology has advanced to the next level and open for corporate investment or VC development.

Advancing on the J-Curve

Corporate development groups and venture capital groups need to look extending their technology development pipeline into earlier stage technologies.  This process will allow these companies to spread their investments to a larger group of new innovators / technologies as well as develop relationships with innovators whose first idea may not work, but will continue to develop new ideas.

Talent is talent.

Newer technologies have research and grant opportunities.  These programs – SBIR, STTR, corporate licensing, sponsored research – will allow undiluted investment into the development of new technologies.  By working with these innovators, corporations can get an early role in the development of new ideas.

Contact me and we can show you how.

Ongoing Projects – Technology Assessments

The Neutrino Donut continues to provide technology assessments with a focus on the commercialization of technologies.  While the importance of the evaluation of science is obviously key, the opportunities to advance a technology into the marketplace is not always understood by the multiple players in the development process.

Is the technology part of a larger system?  Should the startup go to production or sell out?

What are the competitive patents?  Are there competitive patents – perhaps the other players in the marketplace do not see patents as being important for future development. If it is a design patent, you should look for your next idea.

What are the competitive products?  Technologies which look good, contribute to the solution to a problem, and should be in the market may only be $4 in plastic parts, a business model which is not sustainable.

Most importantly, who are the potential business partners for this technology? When would they be interested in licensing the technology or becoming a customer?

All of these challenges are part of the commercialization strategy.  Good science is always good science.  Commercialization strategies are what gets you into the marketplace.

Ongoing Projects – University Technologies – Business Development

The Neutrino Donut continues to provide business development services for multiple universities in the area of tech transfer.  These services include the development of NCDs, contact lists for business development, and the execution of the business development plans. The result of these efforts are licensing discussions, feedback from corporations who pass on the technologies, and contacts with key individuals who may be interested in other technologies or opportunities to work with the university.

In reviewing business development efforts, the university should strategically evaluate the types of technologies of interest and use the market of a select group of these technologies in order to build longer, ongoing relationships.

The identification of key staff at a leading company who will be interested in other technologies is of great value to a tech transfer office.

By outsourcing this work, the internal university staff will be able to focus on key, newer technologies and use these efforts to clear other technologies. Additionally, for those technologies of limited interest, the university will be able to demonstrate diligence on behalf of the professor to market the technology.


Fishtech Awards – Startup Pitching Competition – Innovations in Seafood Supply Chain

I would like to invite you to the Fishtech Awards, a startup pitching competition organised in partnership with the biggest seafood show in the world China Fisheries & Seafood Expo on 8th November 2018.

At Fishtech Awards, we’re bringing together major players in the seafood industry, innovative startups and investors to celebrate and to accelerate innovation – right at the centre of the global seafood market. Simply put, there isn’t a more efficient way to find new business opportunities in fishtech, in China and globally than by attending Fishtech Awards.

As a successful company in the seafood space, we think you would benefit from the networking opportunities during the awards with potential partners, customers, suppliers, and investors. This will also be a unique chance for you to meet directly with startups and innovators who are working on solutions for traceability, farming management and other pressing needs.

At Fishtech Awards, we believe that thanks to the emerging technology, we have now reached the momentum to significantly improve the entire seafood supply chain and to turn innovation into business. Fishtech Awards is our commitment to accelerate progress in the seafood industry – we’re here to create opportunities for new, meaningful connections to take place.

Fishtech Awards is free to attend and we would be most delighted to have you on board!

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This is the inaugural year of the Fishtech Awards and we’re committed to making it a memorable one. Do you know people in your network who might benefit from joining us? As we’re trying to reach as many relevant people as possible, we would be most grateful if could you help us spread the word about the event. You can do so simply by posting the below call to action on your social media or by forwarding this email invitation to the people in your circle, who you think might benefit from joining.

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We hope you are as excited as we are about the future ahead of us. If you have any specific thoughts about how you would like to get involved in the event and you would like to discuss them, we would love to hear from you. Otherwise, see you on 8th November!

Best regards on behalf of FishTech Awards,

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