The Neutrino Donut – Entrepreneurship Advisory Programs – Italy and USC

The Neutrino Donut recently completed multiple sessions with startups assisting them in understanding the markets for their technologies. Multiple startups from Italy with energy and high tech ideas discussed their ideas and programs. At USC, we met for the third consecutive summer, with a group of high school students who spent the summer developing their business.

SBIR – The Commercialization Review – A Fast Review

Got a startup? Want a review of your commercialization plan? The Neutrino Donut will review your plan and give you feedback and recommendations for direction. This is a short engagement, fixed cost, and we will ensure you get some good ideas for improving your grant. The Neutrino Donut is on multiple grant review teams, and we know what works and does not work in these sessions. Contact us at ehager 81 at g mail for more information.

SBIR – The Funding Process

The grant seeker will make a mistake if they view the SBIR as the only source of funding. The military runs Broad Agency Announcements (BAAs). Local entities support job creation programs, the development of manufacturing systems is an additional category with a source of funds. Sometimes, all you have to do is whisper the word “Texas” and funding opportunities will appear. (Shout out to Michael). Additional resource and funding options are available. When you break your project into sections, you can isolate funding for specific aspects of the projects and avoid overlap or funding coordination issues.

SBIR – The Grant Process

Startups looking to raise money via SBIR programs tend to focus on their sweet spot – the technology – without understanding the need for commercialization processes. The commercialization process, especially within Phase II, require an understanding of how the product will end up the customer’s hands, their systems, or in their beakers. The product definition, creation, sale, and customer budget process must be tracked thoroughly. If this section is weak, the grant will not be funded.

The Neutrino Donut – Korea – Technology Commercialization Projects

The Neutrino Donut completed technology reviews for several Korean companies who are seeking US entry strategies. The challenge for the companies is the commitment to enter the US market. More importantly, the challenge for these companies is the major Korean companies (Samsung, Hyundai) are seeking to move their supply lines to cheaper countries, such as Viet Nam.