The Neutrino Donut – Business Partner – Timothy Raines

The Neutrino Donut works with entrepreneurial partners around the world. One friend and business partner is Timothy Raines.

Tim has extensive expertise in business development, commercialization, marketing, and complex technology sales. Experienced in domestic and international commercialization, with international work predominantly for foreign technologies seeking to commercialize within the US.

He is an SBIR/STTR grant writer, multiple Phase I, II and III recipient in DoD, DOE, NASA, NIH, DARPA, SOCOM and more. Technology scouting and curation.

Globally, he serves science and tech innovators, institutions, and policy makers in developing economies. Experience working with India, Mexico, Hungary, Columbia, Ukraine, Qatar, Korea, and more.

Tim is also a world class artists. For samples of his work, check His LinkedIn profile is

His Erdos-Bacon number is 10: Erdos of 7 for being Principal Investigator on “Laser Cladding Modeling and Operation Applied to Plasma-Facing Materials” and Bacon of 3 for role in “Cuckold Picasso”, an award winning short film.

Tim is on the left with Adam Bates in the center on a recent commercialization project in India.

The Neutrino Donut – Business Partner – Adam Bates

The Neutrino Donut works with entrepreneurial partners around the world. One friend and business partner is Adam Bates.

Adam Bates is a Professor at Mahasarakham Business School in Thailand. Outside the classroom he manages licensing and commercialization projects for clients in Thailand, South Korea, and the United States. Before moving to Thailand, Mr. Bates served as the Director of the University of Texas Innovation Program in South Korea. He has over ten years’ experience in the business management and technology commercialization fields in the United States and Asia and earned a Masters of Technology Commercialization from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelors in History from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. 

His company website is and his LinkedIn profile is

Adam is wearing The Neutrino Donut hat in this picture while working on a project in Korea. The gentleman to the far right in the photo is Brian MacMahon of ExpertDojo of Santa Monica, CA.

The Neutrino Donut – Partners – RevealSol – Rose Saenz

The success of The Neutrino Donut is based upon our partners and the expertise we bring to projects.

Rose Saenz of RevealSol is a longtime friend and business partner whose expertise in seniors housing has been an asset on several projects. Most recently, we worked together on projects relating to technological projects benefiting the overall well being of elderly living with dementia.


RevealSol is a nationwide consultancy based out of Texas. The website is and Rose’s LinkedIn profile is

The Neutrino Donut – Business Partners – Jon Würfl

The success of The Neutrino Donut is based upon our partners and the expertise we bring to projects.

Jon Würfl is a longtime friend and business partner whose expertise in defining customer requirements has been an asset on several projects. Most recently, we have worked together on several consumer product engagements. Previously, he has been an expert in business processes and his knowledge of retail programs is unsurpassed.

Jon is an independent consultant out of San Francisco and his LinkedIn profile is

The Neutrino Donut – Advertisements for Myself

Points to you for getting the Norman Mailer or Jim Bouton reference. Part of this process in developing an organization is to note some of our projects. I am providing a summary of the overall projects. Information on individual projects can be found in this blog.

  • Thought leader with understanding of commercialization process in the evaluation of technologies and businesses.
  • Completed over 300 technology assessments and over 250 business development projects in innovative technologies over the last ten years for domestic and international clients.  A full list of recent projects is contained on The Neutrino Donut site. Project clients including grant reviews for DoE, DoD, NIH, NSF, and other agencies as well as US and foreign universities. Applications included military and non-military opportunities. Research projects varied from 80 pages to 10 pages, based on client requirements, market definitions, and agency reporting requirements.
  • Member, two grant review panels with NIH and DoD. Evaluated grant proposals for commercialization, provided reports and participated on review panels as member of team.
  • Managing partner of consultancy in the commercialization of university technologies, industry startups, and science-based technologies. Project management efforts included managing multiple deadlines, varying engagements, reporting requirements to client and their clients, and developing ongoing relationships with all parties. Developed long term relationship with each client with reputation for delivering quality evaluations of technologies.
  • CEO of biotechnology company based on University of Pennsylvania technology. Marketing Manager for diabetes medical technology (Airware) developed privately in Santa Barbara. Responsible for development of business strategy, grant application processes, IP challenges, and developing next stages for technologies. Shareholder in each company.
  • Senior member of teams responsible for commercialization of entrepreneurial efforts in Hungary, India, Korea, Mexico, Portugal, Chile, Ukraine, Russia, Qatar and other countries.  Responsible for closing deals for clients in each area across multiple technology areas.
  • Conducted assessment and development projects on behalf of the University of California, Irvine, The University of Texas at Austin, and projects for multiple universities in the area of technology assessments and business development.
  • Delivered multiple presentations on the grant funding process, including military research BAAs, SBIRs, STTRs, and other mechanisms. Executed on programs on behalf of clients.
  • Developed and executed global online conference on entrepreneurship with 55 speakers in 24-hour period. 
  • Evaluated legal documents on behalf of clients, my organization, and the university.
  • Product management SME with experience in multiple verticals, including medical, pharmaceutical, information technology, environmental, manufacturing, process, energy, consumer goods, transportation, and biotechnology in global projects.
  • Responsible for cross functional programs with local management, global managers, industry partners, and entrepreneurs in closing agreements for domestic and international opportunities.
  • Member, screening committee of new medical technologies, SoCalBio.
  • IC2 Fellow, The IC2 Institute, The University of Texas at Austin.

The Neutrino Donut – Partnerships

The Neutrino Donut has partnered with many organizations over the past few years. On several of these projects, we were consultants for other groups. The services provided were for the associated agencies. We would like to share a few of these organizations:

Department of Defense
National Institute of Health
Environmental Protection Agency
National Science Foundation
Department of State
Grant Review Panels with DoD and NIH
General Dynamics
The Larta Institute
CRDF Global
Foresight Science & Technology
The University of Pennsylvania
The University of Texas at Austin
University of California, Irvine
Southern California Biomedical Council
Baylor University

India Innovation Partners
Tremonti Consulting
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)
Multiple Korean economic development agencies
Multiple universities in development projects.

The Neutrino Donut Project – Developing NIH Healthcare projects between the US and India

The Neutrino Donut is working on developing relationships with healthcare technologies in the US and India, and seeking cooperative research and commercialization grants. The basis for these projects is the global development of ideas and technologies, supporting by agencies on both sides.

The Neutrino Donut Project – Global Business Development Project with CRDF and the US Department of State

The Neutrino Donut is working with CRDF on a project to help entrepreneurs in the Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. These startups have an interest in developing relationships globally and expanding their roles. The business models include sales distribution, licensing, and co-development projects. The target areas are oil/gas, healthcare, and industrial processes.

Neutrino Donut Project – NIH Scouting for Grant Opportunities

The Neutrino Donut is working with multiple clients on the identification of grant opportunities within NIH. As part of this process, we have identified contact points for grants, developed an information strategy, and executed on the contact points to determine the most effective grant opportunities.

The challenge is presenting an effective proposal is the identification of the right grant vehicle for the technology. This involves additional work up front and the leveraging of current relationships.