Job Opening – Cyber Innovation Strategy Manager / University of Tulsa Team8 Cyber Fellows Initiative

We are engaged with TU for an exciting new cyber center and key role, Cyber Innovation Strategy Manager,for the University of Tulsa Team8 Cyber Fellows Initiative.

The successful candidate is responsible for supporting recruitment of TU-Team8 Cyber Fellows, maximizing the value of external partnerships, and sourcing/exploiting research and business opportunities for faculty and students involved in this initiative. 

This candidate should possess a Master’s degree in a STEM-related area and have 5+ years of progressively responsible experience in a cyber-related arena in an academic setting.

Please see the attached job specification sheet for full details of this role.

We look forward to your suggestions of sources and/or candidates.

The Cyber Innovation Strategy Manager is responsible for coordinating activities contributing to the research and commercialization outcomes of the TU-Team8 Cyber Fellows Initiative. Specific responsibilities include: supporting recruitment of TU-Team8 Cyber Fellows, maximizing the value of external partnerships between TU and Industry, research consortia, cybersecurity organizations and/or other partners, and otherwise helping to source, prepare, and exploit research and business opportunities for faculty and students involved in the TU-Team8 Cyber Fellows initiative, managing the university’s participation in the TU-Team8 Cyber Fellows initiative. The successful candidate reports to the ENS Dean’s Office with dotted-line reporting to TIL’s Cyber & Analytics Manager.  This individual will work closely with the Team8 Scientific Ecosystem and Ideation Director, the TIL Cyber and Analytics Manager, and TU faculty to coordinate the activities around Cyber Fellows project proposal and selection, student matching, and engaging faculty mentors and students toward delivering scientific breakthroughs and new commercial opportunities.  The Cyber lead will also plan social and networking activities for Cyber Fellows.

This individual will help facilitate closer collaboration between TU and external stakeholders including researchers and industry partners. This includes identifying employer needs and communicating them back to faculty and operating a clearinghouse for summer internship and post-grad job placement, primarily for Cyber Fellows.  The Innovation Lead will help facilitate and maintain robust partnerships between TU’s cyber research programs and government, industry, and other academic institutions. 

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