Buying Time for Technology Transfer

My overall goal is to provide time to your organization. By developing an ecosystem of ongoing relationships for your organization, we can quickly identify partners and present your materials to key players in large and small organizations. With this process, we can save time for your organization to advance technologies into the marketplace.

Market Review

The overall goal of business development is to develop ongoing relationships with external partners who will continually review your portfolio for new technologies, partnership opportunities, and licensing relationships. These ongoing relationships can be used to leverage greater success with startups and commercialization grant opportunities (SBIR) who will find an active database of partners for your technologies and will be interested in advancing these startups.

Problem Definition – Data Sources

It is critical to develop a view of the competitive landscape in regard to research and competitive products. Your organization should develop a summary of players and partners in the market with a focus of identifying competition, startup opportunities, SBIR partners, and competitive research.

Problem Solution – Data Sources

I would recommend a more thorough review of the marketplace for growth and development. The SBIR database has an extensive collection of open and closed opportunities in this space. The closed opportunities would be partnership or licensing clients for the lab. Ongoing searches of competitive products and partners are key to understanding the marketplace.

Next Steps – Data Sources

The Neutrino Donut, LLC proposes a commercial review of the technologies with a goal of expanding the types of companies identified for partnership opportunities. We have worked extensively in the identification of partners and competitors in multiple technology spaces.

Problem Definition – Contacts

For developers, it is simple to develop a list of high level contacts or easily noted business development contacts. The process of connecting to the decision makers in these organizations does not go through these people. The types of connections required by your organization are with other members of the organization.

Problem Solution – Contacts

Through the use of multiple online databases, we can more specifically identify the innovation leaders within these larger organizations and use these relationships to present multiple technologies. Additionally, these developed contacts may be a source for sponsored research projects for your organization.

Additionally, the scientists within your organization will know of key partners and research activities within their space. Connecting with these organizations and expanding the contacts will be part of the process.

The key to success in this area is to understand each relationship created has multiple opportunities for the lab. Rather than a single contact point for a single technology, your organization should view this exercise as a single contact point for multiple technologies in an ongoing relationship.

Success is in this area is time. If you can identify 10-15 contact points from day one for a technology, the time spent on developing relationships with smaller players to increase this count is justifiable.

The summaries back to the scientists in your area of the business development activities are invaluable to creating value for your organization within the lab. When you are able to present feedback from multiple organizations to the scientist, they will understand the market value of their research.

Next Steps – Contacts

The Neutrino Donut, LLC proposes leveraging their current database of clients and expanding this list to identify licensing and innovation groups within larger organizations and smaller companies. The goal will be to create relationships which will be available to your organization for current and future projects. We have an extensive contact list of technology evaluation partners and continue to add to these lists in an ongoing basis. We have developed business development databases of contacts and technologies reviewed, along with the feedback from the partners on the technologies presented.

Problem Definition – Ecosystem

The next challenge is to develop an ecosystem of small businesses, entrepreneurs, SBIR applicants, and similar groups to advance your technologies. These groups will be able to take your technologies to the marketplace with support.

Problem Solution – Ecosystem

You have the technologies and the infrastructure to support the marketplace. By providing business development contacts, you will ensure the process and startup advances more quickly and you will find a greater success rate with these projects.

Next Steps – Ecosystem

The Neutrino Donut, LLC will work with your organization to augment your efforts in technology development and research with a commercialization infrastructure that will be able to advance technologies to the marketplace and have an active list of potential clients and partners for commercialization of these technologies.

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