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DiCodon Diagnostics, LLC is a biotechnology company developing a diagnostic platform technology based on a novel methodology called Diagnostic DiCodon Monitoring of Protein Synthesis (Di-Di). The technology is patented by and licensed from the University of Pennsylvania and based upon research by Dr. Barry Cooperman.

Di-Di presents a new approach to disease diagnosis. It is based on distinguishing diseased from normal cells on the basis of differences in dicodon usage during translation, and visualizing such differences through the use of specific fl-tRNA FRET pairs that bind to specific dicodons within a ribosome actively catalyzing protein synthesis. As many as 1035 discrete fl-tRNA pairs can be monitored, different sets of which can serve as biomarkers for specific diseases.

Our goal is to provide point of care results which will lead to earlier detection of diseases and better patient outcomes by getting patient treatment faster. We are seeking grant, joint development and commercialization opportunities for this technology.

The company is in the early stages of developing a microfluidic device coupled with very sensitive optics for rapid, point of care diagnoses of specific infections. We are currently working on developing grant opportunities for this development. DiCodon Diagnostics is interested in partnering its diagnostic development programs while also planning to provide DiCoMPS FRET monitoring as a central lab.

The patent is based upon United States Patent Application, “Fluorescent Labeling of Transfer RNA and Study of Protein Synthesis”, number 0140329234. The patent application was filed on November 6, 2014 by The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania.

The following research papers would be of interest for more information on this technology:

Dicodon monitoring of protein synthesis (DiCoMPS) reveals levels of synthesis of a viral protein in single cells

In vivo single-RNA tracking shows that most tRNA diffuses freely in live bacteria

Quantitative single cell monitoring of protein synthesis at subcellular resolution using fluorescently labeled tRNA

Kinetics of initiating polypeptide elongation in an IRES-dependent system.

Earle Hager has accepted the role of CEO of this company.

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