Neutrino Donut – AirWare / GlucoWare – Diabetes Solution

The Neutrino Donut is providing marketing services for AirWare / GlucoWare.

Airware, Inc. has developed a diabetes testing solution, Glucoware™ and DILAST™ -the technique upon which it is based. This non-invasive blood glucose monitoring technology is a new, patent pending system.

At your convenience, we would like to discuss the technology and steps forward.

The focus of the technology is the scatter / attenuation of light and the relationship to blood sugar detected in the skin’s interstitial fluid. Glucoware serves the diabetes finger stick market.

Airware currently has two issued patents in the optical detection of glucose by fluorescence and has applications for three additional patents.

At this point, the company has achieved the following milestones in product development:

• Established concept based on recent investigations at Baylor University under contract to Airware, Inc.

• Established existence of glucose absorption bands in the near IR in the critical “optical tissue window”

• Established real detection of increasing glucose levels by increasing attenuation of signal in both water and in rabbit blood

• Filed three recent patents to protect DILAST™ technology and its investigative use for measuring concentration of compounds in human skin

• Built a working optical bench and analysis software test platform

• Produced data showing efficacy of the investigative technique for assessing glucose in phantom tissue samples with non-specific lasers available off-the-shelf

• Developed relationships with key vendors to support next step custom hardware requirements

Airware has identified stages for testing and evaluation and the opportunity to bring this to the marketplace.

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