Fourth Year, California and Texas Operations, The Neutrino Donut, LLC – Year End Summary

As we enter our third year of fulltime operations in Texas and California, The Neutrino Donut, LLC would like to take a few moments to summarize our accomplishments and plans for the future.  Management working with several startups in various roles.  For a full list of projects, check our WordPress site, The Neutrino Donut.

Mr. Hager is the CEO of a University of Pennsylvania startup in biotech field – Dicodon Diagnostics with a technology related to tRNA florescence.  Dicodon is currently working on several SBIR grants relating to Dengue, Hepatitis, and other diseases.  Our intern was helpful in clarifying the issues relating to this technology.

Mr. Hager is the Marketing Manager for diabetes medical technology (Airware) developed privately in Santa Barbara. He is responsible for development of business strategy, grant application processes, IP challenges, and developing next stages for technologies. The company has received multiple patents and we expect market interest over the next few months, based upon the technology and the patent strategy.

We have provided consulting services for several organizations in the area of technology assessment / commercialization evaluation services on behalf of SBIR, NSF, and NIH grants.  These commercialization reports were part of grant process and involved a market assessment of the technology, identification of commercialization opportunities, and discussions with industry experts in each field as well as developing extensive contact list.

We have conducted technology evaluation and business development efforts for multiple technology transfer offices in the United States.  These consulting relationships included a review of the processes of developing marketing materials, identifying potential clients, and developing the relationship with these clients for licensing opportunities.

These technology projects included efforts in the areas of Data Visualization systems, HIV detection, pharmaceutical product development, software services relating to drug assay testing, 3D printing technologies, Dried Blood Systems, Wellness Systems for PTSD, non-silicon lubrication systems for medical devices, STEM cell testing systems, 3D Animation Technology, biosensors, molten batteries, thermolumescent lighting systems, solar cell technologies, biopolymers, phase cycling signal management, Arabic language programs for education, search algorithm technologies, film resistance algorithms, and drilling technologies.

We also supported several international organizations seeking to provide business development services for organizations seeking to expand their global markets. For these engagements, we conducted technology assessments on multiple technology spaces.

We are member of the investment screening committee for SoCalBio.  On a monthly basis, we review presentations from 5-7 startups and evaluate whether they should be part of the annual investor conference.  The Donut notes our expertise in commercialization, defining the customer and the income model, has been well received and not well known in the evaluation of startup business development.

We developed over 100 technical product descriptions for multiple clients.  The goal was to create a summary which would be understood by technical contacts as well as business leadership.  Our strategy was to identify technical opportunity and impact on business and processes.  We completed projects as entrepreneur and multiple universities.

Finally, we are working on developing a video program on entrepreneurship.  More details will follow on this project.

We have participated in events at CalTech, UCLA, USC, UC Irvine, OCTANe, UCSD, iCorps, The University of Pennsylvania, LAVA, SoCalBio, Biocom, ExpertDOJO, Cross Campus, IC2 Institute at The University of Texas at Austin, and NixonPeabody. We have made many friends and continue to enjoy working in California and Texas.

The Neutrino Donut, LLC has found a niche in leveraging our understanding of the marketplace and commercialization processes to advance technologies to the marketplace.  For professors with a patented idea, we have assisted in the commercialization section of their grants as well as the execution.  By developing leveraged model in working with these organizations, we take on the risk of success and failure by providing services which the organization needs at this early stage.

In the next year, we look forward to adding additional clients for technology assessments and commercialization.  We are also in discussions with several partners on playing a role in advancing university technologies into the marketplace.

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