Developing Relationships within the SBIR Program Part 2 – Getting Started

By EARLE HAGER published SEPTEMBER 19, 2018

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Eventually, startups will seek relationships with larger companies to license or sell their technology.  These larger companies seek startups based on university technologies and prefer the startups over working directly with the university.  The startups will have a revenue, which is market validation of the technology.  Additionally, it is easier for these organizations to work with the startup, rather than university relationships.  One aspect of this justification is the need for non-disclosures of the terms of the agreement, which are confidential between the two companies.

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A check of Twitter has an extensive list of programs, updates, assistance, and even congressional support for the programs.

I get it.  It’s Twitter.  But people update their events and activities on Twitter and it’s one of the best places to identify resources.



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