The Neutrino Donut – Technology Commercialization Secrets for SBIR Grants

Try these out.  It will improve your odds of getting the grant.

  • You will need business experts on your team. Academic teams are good, but you are planning for a proof of concept (Phase 1) or sales (Phase 2). Look for people who have worked in your industry.
  • Academic experts will only take you so far. Seriously. Developing a device or a software package does not mean you know how to take it to market.
  • In developing a price model, look at your competitors and focus on value, not price. As a new technology, the technology is worth the problem it solves. You are also probably needing to recover your income in a short amount of time before you see very large competitors.
  • In developing your price model, focus on ongoing revenue.  The cost/time to sell to one customer is expensive. If this is the only interaction you will have with the customer, you will fail. Think of ongoing relationships and processes.
  • Is this an expense item or a capital item? Can you lease the technology?

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