The Neutrino Donut – Business Partner – Timothy Raines

The Neutrino Donut works with entrepreneurial partners around the world. One friend and business partner is Timothy Raines.

Tim has extensive expertise in business development, commercialization, marketing, and complex technology sales. Experienced in domestic and international commercialization, with international work predominantly for foreign technologies seeking to commercialize within the US.

He is an SBIR/STTR grant writer, multiple Phase I, II and III recipient in DoD, DOE, NASA, NIH, DARPA, SOCOM and more. Technology scouting and curation.

Globally, he serves science and tech innovators, institutions, and policy makers in developing economies. Experience working with India, Mexico, Hungary, Columbia, Ukraine, Qatar, Korea, and more.

Tim is also a world class artists. For samples of his work, check His LinkedIn profile is

His Erdos-Bacon number is 10: Erdos of 7 for being Principal Investigator on “Laser Cladding Modeling and Operation Applied to Plasma-Facing Materials” and Bacon of 3 for role in “Cuckold Picasso”, an award winning short film.

Tim is on the left with Adam Bates in the center on a recent commercialization project in India.

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