The Neutrino Donut – Consulting Services

The Neutrino Donut is a consultancy with a focus on technology commercialization. Our focus is on managing the development process for startups, understanding the use of grant processes, business development, and fundraising programs via Angel and Venture markets. We have worked with startups in all aspects of the development lifecycle. We have an extensive understanding of the ecosystems for universities, startups, grant programs, and global projects. We provide consulting services for partners as well as our own clients.  We have been CEO and senior management in multiple startups – the result of the process is income.

In this process, we have completed over 300 technology assessments and over 250 business development projects in innovative technologies over the last ten years for domestic and international clients, including universities and startups.  A full list of recent projects is contained on The Neutrino Donut site.  We are a founding member of the Texas Global Health Security Innovation Consortium (TEXGHS).

We have completed multiple programs and implemented processes for evaluation of technologies and demonstrated commercialization paths for execution.  We have conducted technology assessment projects for multiple players in the marketplace on behalf of NIH, NSF, DoD, DoE, and other government agencies. We have been a member of grant review panels for NIH and DoD and provided services in the evaluation of technologies and budget processes.

We provide a full-service review of the SBIR process for our clients. The process starts with the definition of the project and a review by program management. We work with the research groups on their role, budgetary costing processes, and the development of a commercialization plan. We have developed commercialization reports in support of SBIR Phase 2 Grants. These projects varied from writing the full report for the grant, consulting on the writing of the report, creating product and customer definition and the resultant revenue models as well as managing letters of support from identified partners.  We have been successful in identifying partners and processes for market entry and the management of these steps through the SBIR process. We have developed licensing strategies with universities and external parties, providing research on product models and royalty processes.

We have provided fundraising services with external angel and venture groups. We worked with these groups in developing presentations, highlighting discussions on the project, the asks, and the long-term plan. We connected these startups with multiple groups who evaluated the companies for fundraising. The use of the SBIR process is key to this process – technical and financial validation is key to understanding the success of the next steps.

Our international projects included being a senior member of teams responsible for commercialization of entrepreneurial efforts in Hungary, India, Korea, Mexico, Portugal, Chile, Ukraine, Russia, Qatar and other countries. 

We have delivered commercialization services and training programs for domestic and international clients.

We are interested in working with your organization to expand the resources available to you for commercialization of technologies.

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