The Neutrino Donut – Business Model – International Technologies – US Market Entry

We work extensively with companies in the startup space. We assist them in the development of the commercialization strategy and identify customers and partners. We have worked extensively with companies in the medical device, energy, materials science, cybersecurity, and many other areas. The commercialization process is extensive, but cuts across all technologies.

We also work with international based companies who are considering the US markets or, in the case of university technologies, considering commercialization options with their US counterparts.  We understand how to assist these groups with the various processes for collaboration and market entry.

Market entry strategies, business development projects, technology assessments of commercial products are other examples. I have worked on projects in Hungary, Mexico, Chile, Korea, India, Ukraine, and many other countries.

There are funding opportunities for my company on the back end of this initial consulting. To be effective, I am willing to work with your organization on the risk of finding the companies who are seeking to move forward.

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