The Neutrino Donut – Presentation – The University of Kentucky – DoD Biomedical Funding Opportunities and How to Get Them

For many investigators, particularly those in biomedical research and technology, funding opportunities at the Department of Defense are a bit of a “black box”–less well understood and shrouded in myths such as “only for warfare equipment” or “must benefit those in Service”. The truth is that a large number of funding opportunities are available from the DoD that cover a surprisingly wide range of research areas and are available for myriad investigators, from entrepreneurs and junior investigators to established investigators and foundation directors. In this talk, we will shine some light on available funding from the DoD. Leveraging our years of experience navigating several of these opportunities, we aim to help individuals and institutions identify relevant DoD funding mechanisms and share some wisdom gleaned on how to succeed in winning their agreements and contracts. Webinar is provided in partnership with University of Kentucky Office of Technology Commercialization.


photo of Earle Hager

Earle Hager

Managing Partner @Neutrino Donut

Mr. Hager is the Managing Partner of The Neutrino Donut (Direct Observation of the Neutrino Tau), a consultancy focused on the management and commercialization of science. He has managed strategic planning for company growth, customer management, and business development aspects. His specific target areas include biotech, healthcare, consumer goods, chemistry, IT, materials science, environmental, product innovation, strategic planning, and development of business development strategies. Mr. Hager has worked with corporate R&D groups introducing products, completed over 300 technology assessments and over 200 business development projects in innovative technologies, and also been part of many SBIR commercialization projects, writing multiple commercialization sections and consulting on many more. Projects include grant reviews for DoE, DoD, NIH, NSF, as well as US and foreign universities, SBIR grant development, and running multiple startups.


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Emilie Clemmens

@Artemis Editing

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