The Future of SBIR – A Short Summary from The Neutrino Donut

At this point, we are waiting for Congress to approve the advancement of the SBIR process. As expected, the politics is a major aspect of the stall and possible limitation of the approval process.

The larger change, a movement toward local support services, rather than nationwide contractors, is major shift in the management of SBIR processes.

In order to be successful, SBIR consulting partners will need to develop local relationships with key players and startups. This will involve more time spent understanding specific challenges by different group and creating the relationships with local and national partners.

The extent of your network will determine the future of your consulting services. The network is not only your clients, but also the contacts you can bring to a relationship.

The Neutrino Donut prides ourselves with our ability to create relationships with our clients and customize our services based on the needs of our clients. The flexibility to offer services or provide local partners to consulting engagements is key to this process.

The Neutrino Donut prides ourselves on the extent of our ability to provide corporate introductions for our clients in a variety of industries and contact points. Our network is massive and these relationships are key. We manage these contacts by providing targeted technology introductions and ensure the focus is on the technologies and startups of interest.

The SBIR world is changing. But, sales has always been about relationships. And coffee’s for closers only.

We close deals for our clients.

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