Neutrino Donut Project – Diabetes Technology

The Neutrino Donut just completed a project working with a company on a diabetes related technology. As part of the process, we helped define markets and their relating opportunities, worked with the negotiations with a university tech transfer group, and helped define the company structure. The market discussions centered around a specific v. global opportunity. The negotiations discussions with the tech transfer office had a focus on defining product development from the university perspective v. the commercial markets, anticipated carve outs for other negotiations, and the process of defining the value of the startup v. potential licenses with larger companies from the university’s perspective. The definition of the company structure centered around the long term v. short term/buy out process for the company and where the finish line was located for each strategy. The project was developed in conjunction with a patent law firm, who identified The Neutrino Donut, LLC as an effective consultant for their client.

University technologies, check them out.

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