Business Development Project – The Neutrino Donut, LLC – Licensing / Distribution Opportunity

The Neutrino Donut, LLC offers the following licensing opportunity in collaboration with EU entity GlobeTech Innovation. All materials presented are public and can be shared with internal and external partners. For more information, please contact Earle Hager, Managing Partner, at or +1 512 431 3940.


Loccnel is a novel scientifically proven technology and ready to market product – bioactive peptide based cosmetics, Loccnel Anti Age – Every Day Complex and Loccnel® Anti Age – Every Night Treatment. It has a patent application (Czech patent application PV 2015-707) and has additional paths forward for product development. The process is within the priority period for PCT filings. The products are based upon Alaptide, a novel synthesis and use of bioactive peptide to advance skin regeneration. The products are scientifically proven to provide active cell protection with significant effects on the quality of the skin and strong regenerative effect and are suitable for both women and men. The products have excellent local and systemic tolerability and non-oily texture and have no health burden – excreted in unchanged structure.


 Specific stability tests were successfully performed, including:

  • Physical / Chemical Stability Tests
  • Microbiological Quality Testing
  • Preservative Challenge Testing
  • Stability and Shelf Life Testing
  • Non-Animal Safety / Toxicity Testing
  • Microbiological Stability Tests
  • Packaging Stability Tests
  • Custom Testing
  • All results are in compliance with legal requirement for cosmetic products.

Preclinical studies demonstrated positive effect on the proliferation of cells, physiological and regenerative processes, such as reducing and removing wrinkles and scars, accelerating epithelization and healing process demonstrably, and stimulating growth of granulation tissue (in healing applications).

Future clinical development plans include:

  • Loccnel® 2nd generation production
  • Development of nanofiber based carrier with active healing component (plus patent protection)
  • Production of a substance optimization (patent protection)
  • Analytical assessments – for pharmaceutical-analytical documentation
  • Development of new dosage forms (patent protection)
  • Preclinical testing of the effectiveness of the SLP
  • Study of the mechanism of action – influence on epidermal growth factor
  • Metabolic studies
  • Pharmacokinetics after topical application, also penetration of a new form
  • Toxicology (genotoxicity, irritability, safety pharmacology, side effects)
  • Clinical trials – necessary from I to III.


These products were developed by Dr. Pavel Martásek, an internationally renowned expert in research of structural functional determinants of the synthesis of gaseous molecules, important agents in normal and pathologic conditions, and in the field of heme synthesis and degradation and Dr. Vladimír Král, a leading researcher in supramolecular chemistry, nanotechnology, and molecular engineering.


The company is seeking a partner for Loccnel® products – sales / distribution and licensing the technology as well as a research and development partner for next generation products. The company is looking for a partner who can provide global leadership in the distribution of the product.

For more information, please contact Earle Hager, Managing Partner, The Neutrino Donut, LLC at or +1 512 431 3940.

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