Tech Transfer – The Missing Piece – Time

Tech transfer offices have many challenges. Identification of technologies, allocation of patent costs, decisions on what technologies to take forward into the marketplace, and the management of the external relationships to be successful in licensing.

This last area is the most time consuming and the greatest challenge. To succeed, these organizations need to have ongoing relationships with major and minor players in various marketplaces who will provide feedback on technologies.

At The Neutrino Donut, LLC, this is what we do. We know people. Lots of them, in almost every market. We can save you time by marketing your technologies to the right people and get it done quickly. We can help you set up these relationships so the next time you want to connect with the company, you will already know who to call.

Save yourself some time. Make yourself some money. Give us a call and let us bring out network to your organization and see what we can make happen.

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