Neutrino Donut Project – Patient Reported Outcomes – Commercialization Assessment

The Neutrino Donut completed a commercialization assessment for a technology relating to patient reported outcomes. The use of interviews to evaluate patients is commonplace and part of the development of an overall well being program for the patient. To distinguish one technology opportunity from another, the tech must go through an FDA approval process as well as extensive testing against the historical data from a healthcare organization to ensure hard numbers and cost tracking and savings over a large population and time frame.

In developing the questionnaire, the innovators will look to understand the types of data being collected, the questions which can be asked and answers, and create a link between the two groups.

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the population of patients available for statistical evaluation has greatly increased. Additionally, medical systems and insurance companies focus on cost savings across a population, which would include more effective identification of patients as well as treatment plans which are closely tracked.

Sometimes, it’s not the technology. It’s the data produced by the technology.

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