The Business of University Tech Commercialization – It’s all about process

Business development is about process. The challenge in university technology commercialization is the need to develop process around new ideas which seem to be the opposite of process. To take a university project, develop patent information, and then summarize the work in a short marketing document used to present to outside parties seems simple, but the implementation is a challenge. The structure of a technology transfer office does not support the time and effort to develop long term relationships with external companies for licensing projects. Each of the technology / business areas is a new set of challenges and contacts for development and implementation.

Here, at the Neutrino Donut, we address these issues by providing support services for these types of engagements. Scientists and academics who have the knowledge to be successful in the tech transfer world need assistance in identifying the types of partners required to advance a technology with clients. Assessments of technology from an academic perspective is different from assessing a technology from a licensing perspective with external clients. Utilizing a party with long term relationships with external partners shortens the evaluation process.

We have extensive expertise in the evaluation and commercialization of technologies, both domestic and international. We have worked with university tech transfer offices, economic development groups, and national laboratories. We have a particular focus on engineering, physical sciences, information systems, and medical device technologies.

Let us know how we can be of assistance.

Earle Hager

Managing Partner

The Neutrino Donut, LLC

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