Ongoing Projects – Technology Assessments

The Neutrino Donut continues to provide technology assessments with a focus on the commercialization of technologies.  While the importance of the evaluation of science is obviously key, the opportunities to advance a technology into the marketplace is not always understood by the multiple players in the development process.

Is the technology part of a larger system?  Should the startup go to production or sell out?

What are the competitive patents?  Are there competitive patents – perhaps the other players in the marketplace do not see patents as being important for future development. If it is a design patent, you should look for your next idea.

What are the competitive products?  Technologies which look good, contribute to the solution to a problem, and should be in the market may only be $4 in plastic parts, a business model which is not sustainable.

Most importantly, who are the potential business partners for this technology? When would they be interested in licensing the technology or becoming a customer?

All of these challenges are part of the commercialization strategy.  Good science is always good science.  Commercialization strategies are what gets you into the marketplace.

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