Ongoing Projects – University Technologies – Business Development

The Neutrino Donut continues to provide business development services for multiple universities in the area of tech transfer.  These services include the development of NCDs, contact lists for business development, and the execution of the business development plans. The result of these efforts are licensing discussions, feedback from corporations who pass on the technologies, and contacts with key individuals who may be interested in other technologies or opportunities to work with the university.

In reviewing business development efforts, the university should strategically evaluate the types of technologies of interest and use the market of a select group of these technologies in order to build longer, ongoing relationships.

The identification of key staff at a leading company who will be interested in other technologies is of great value to a tech transfer office.

By outsourcing this work, the internal university staff will be able to focus on key, newer technologies and use these efforts to clear other technologies. Additionally, for those technologies of limited interest, the university will be able to demonstrate diligence on behalf of the professor to market the technology.


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